As seen on Stylonylon

As seen on Stylonylon

“I’m hoping you’ve already come across the super talented Genevieve Sweeney who makes fabulous knits in thoughtful shapes and textures that result in pieces that feel like something you’ll have forever. This knit has been practically welded to me while spring and winter battle it out. One of those pieces that you feel like knows you better than you know yourself!”

British Knitwear ecru unisex jumper

As seen on Stylonylon, my Soar ecru unisex jumper. A sumptuous blend of wool cashmere and feather light viscose. Cosy but effortlessly lightweight, this is an all-seasons staple especially as the contrasting rib and mesh stitch placement gives a subtle sheer finish.

British Spring Ecru Jumper

The Soar is available in 4 colours, check it out here