GS Guide to Cashmere Care

This guide will explain how easy it is to care and maintain your cashmere jumper and keep it’s high-quality look and feel.

Cashmere is a wonderful natural fibre, as well as being incredibly soft it doesn’t hold odour, therefore you do not need to wash it every time you wear it. It is, however, a delicate fibre so needs a little more care than other coarser fibres such as wool.


There are two options when cleaning your cashmere jumper, dry clean or hand wash.

I believe that hand washing is the best way to clean your cashmere jumper, it makes the fibre naturally softer every time you wash it whilst maintaining its sumptuous quality.

Step 1.
Make sure the basin you are using is clean so no other product can harm your cashmere.
Add the recommended amount of fine garment detergent or baby shampoo into cool water and run your hands through to make sure the detergent has distributed evenly.

Step 2.
Turn your jumper inside out and submerge into the water, gently moving it through the suds. If you have any trouble areas, ie stains, gently massage a small amount of detergent into the area. Rinse and repeat until necessary. If you would like to make it a little softer, add some hair conditioner into the last rinse. Finally, rinse until the water is clear.

Step 3.
Gently press water out, do not wring or twist and place it lengthwise on a clean, dry bath towel. Roll up the towel and press with your palms to squeeze out excess water. Remove the sweater and lay onto another dry towel into its original shape and allow it to air dry.


After wearing your cashmere jumper a few times you may start to find some balls of fibre forming in areas such as underarm or side seams, this is due to the fibre rubbing during wear. Pilling can easily be removed by hand or by using a pilling comb – don’t use the combs too often though as you may break the fibre with excess use.

When manufacturing my cashmere jumpers I mill (finish wash process after knitting) my cashmere jumpers as little less ‘softer’, so that it reduces the amount of pilling during wear and also allows for the cashmere to become naturally softer during wear and care.

As if you break the jumper in, you’ll be incredibly surprised to see how long it takes for the jumper to bobble.


To store the jumper, wrap in acid-free tissue paper, place in a clear plastic bag and keep in a clean dry area.
Do not hang cashmere as it will de-shape your garment and leave hanger marks on the jumper’s shoulder.
If you are worried by moths, hang lavender, rosemary or cloves in your wardrobe as an effective organic alternative to mothballs.

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