Luxury Loungewear for that Off-Duty Style

Luxury Loungewear for that Off-Duty Style

The ultimate off-duty wardrobe, experience true comfort whilst indulging in the wonders of merino cashmere with my new loungewear collection.

Introducing the Elsa set bringing nonchalant luxury style to lazy Sundays and work-at-home Mondays.
Made in Britain and knitted in the finest Merino cashmere, a wonderful blend which includes the softness and gentleness that cashmere gives against your skin, with the characteristics of merino wool.

Loungewear merino cashmere khaki set

These fine knits have breathability, a natural fibre that reacts to the body’s temperature so it helps you stay warm when the weather is cold, and cool when the weather is hot. The perfect solution when you’re travelling on flights or unwinding at home.
Most of all, merino cashmere is far easier to care for than cashmere, as it is stain and odour resistant as well as anti-wrinkle, the perfect loungewear companion.
loungewear set merino cashmere nightsky
Indulge in my exclusive two piece Elsa sets with matching scarves in contrasting geometrics.
These deluxe styles can be worn together, as well as pairing them down for that day to night look with its deep hues of lurex jacquards.
The pattern was inspired by the architecture I stumbled across on my honeymoon in Iceland, angular geometric lines of the Harp Concert Hall against the juxtaposed fluid ceiling of rolling mirrors.

The Elsa set available in Copper Orange, Khaki and Nightsky.

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