The Alpaca Edit

Genevieve Sweeney has hand-selected fleece from The Border Mill’s herd of Alpacas to create unique yarn, spun from family connections within the herd to give a distinctive, individual look and feel with blends of natural colours. The micro mill processes the fleece through modern machinery to the highest standard; attention to detail is noted at every stage of the spinning process.


Alpaca Yarn is globally known for its characteristics of softness, luster and versatility. It also has other huge benefits such as:

  • Alpaca yarn is light and lofty but still keeps you very warm
  • A durable yarn as it is 7 times stronger than sheep’s wool
  • Hypoallergenic as the fibre does not contain any lanolin
  • Alpaca yarn is naturally anti-microbial therefore does not absorb odor
  • The fibre does not absorb moisture, so great for long walks on a cold day
  • Alpaca yarn resists piling, no more bobbles!
  • Easy to care for by hand washing


Every garment, like these, are produced within London and has an incredibly soft feel that emphasises the characteristics of alpaca fibres. Every yarn is exclusive and every garment, completely individual.

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