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4 Top Tips to Care for your Knitwear

To keep your GS knitwear looking at its best and to make sure they are worn for many years to come,
they need a little bit of simple maintenance from time to time.

Here are my 4 TOP TIPS for Knitwear Care!

1. Let your GS knitwear rest in between wears and air them out, this will naturally refresh the yarn.
This is where you don’t need to feel bad about your clothes resting on your bedroom chair for a couple of days before you put them away, or put them straight on again!


2. Store folded with lavender bags to keep smelling fresh and those moths at bay.
Don’t hang your jumpers as this will stretch them out of shape & make sure to button up your cardigans befor folding to keep their shape.


3. A little maintenance now and then with the GS cedarwood comb to remove any pilling under the arms
– this is a natural thing as wool is a long fibre. Only takes a minute at a time- easy way to keep your knitwear looking at its best.


4. When you do need to wash your GS knitwear make sure you use a high-quality Wool Wash and always read the instructions on the care label.
I recommend hand washing your GS knitwear once or twice a year and spot washing in-between
– if you’re like me a little clumsy with coffee spills!


My knitwear care collection is available to shop for all the fuss-free tools to care for your knitwear.

You can also find the GS knitwear Care Guide on how to wash and store your knitwear and socks here.

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