Autumn Winter 2017 begins with Genevieve’s fascination with mark making, focusing on faded and repeating traditional patterns engraved onto thatched cottages that surround the GS studio in Clavering, Essex. The term Pargetting, originating from the 15th century in the East of England, is created by inscribing and carving repeated patterns by hand into the exterior plaster with sticks and metal tools.  Broken repeated jacquards, in contrast to shimmering stripes, make a statement this autumn with sartorial silhouettes. Textural pattern placements echo the etched repeated mark making from light copper tones to rust; this ombre effect creates connotations of weathering over time.

The season’s colour palette embodies rich autumnal notes with golden lamé and pop accents inspired by vivid minerals that express the lustful characteristics of its natural fibre. Slow Fashion is deeply rooted in all Genevieve’s collections, celebrating hand processes and refined quality details that only come with precision and patience.  Embracing British heritage skills with striking geometric lines that are found in the hand intarsia collection, an unexpected twist of golden lamé provides an element of sophistication in a luxurious merino cashmere blend.

There is a wintry embrace with faded mouline blends brought to life with hand knitted directional engineered ribs. Eco wool and British spun alpaca textures give a sumptuous relaxed feel to the juxtaposed exaggerated, striking mark making. These luxurious essential styles hold a wardrobe together; they have an unrivalled quality and perfect attention to detail.

Using the finest fibres for accessories, Genevieve has custom spun mohair in vivid autumnal tones with stormy hues and khaki to create a unique colour blend that brings together the narrative of the collection. As a result, the everyday knit is transformed into a premium investment piece with every stitch.