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GS British Knitted Slippers | Like walking on soft clouds…

Introducing the GS Knitted Mule Slipper with Hand Intarsia geometric knit pattern.

Embracing slow fashion, heritage techniques, upcycling and sustainable processes throughout to create the perfect pair of slippers with luxurious style, longevity and ultimate comfort. Made in Britain.




Each pair of slippers is handcrafted from start to finish within the UK.

First the outer geometric knit is made in a British spun lambswool using a traditional artisan skill, Hand Intarsia. Next, the slipper is fully lined with the highest quality British sheepskin with encasing your feet like an ultra-soft heavenly cloud of comfort.
You will never want to take them off of your feet!





The sheepskin sourced by our factory is a by-product of the UK meat industry which operates within the highest regulations for animal welfare. Our factory has formed relationships with their suppliers for decades, ensuring the highest quality product.

The sheepskin is usually considered a waste material. However, transforming the leftover material into slippers allows the natural fleece to emphasis all its beautiful characteristics of wool. The sheepskin and wool are breathable, insulating meaning that it keeps you warm in the cold and cool when its warm. As well as being incredibly durable, we reduce waste and upcycle natural products, creating a luxurious and long-lasting pair of British made slippers.





Working from home- let this luxurious slipper instantly elevate your off-duty uniform or be the first sign of total relaxation as soon as you step into your home and slip into these sumptuous slippers – they truly are like stepping onto heavenly clouds.

Completely versatile,  the unisex design makes it the perfect his-and-hers option, while the sheepskin linings work all-year-round. Layer over toasty socks for hibernating through winter, then slip on over bare feet to guarantee cool comfort during the summer months.

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