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How Knitwear became “It” wear | Stella Magazine

Thank you, Emily Cronin at Stella magazine, The Sunday Telegraph for featuring our Leithen Hand Intarsia cashmere jumper in “How Knitwear became “It” wear” feature.

“Genevieve Sweeney creates complex geometric intarsias in alluring colour combinations”


Celebrating Slow Fashion with contemporary designs and traditional heritage techniques, knitted and finished by hand.


Hand Intarsia is a traditional knitting technique; the term meaning ‘inlaid by hand’. The yarn is laid onto the needle bed of the machine, colour by colour to create a clean, refined pattern without carrying floats on the back of the design.

This technique has a rich heritage found in the Scottish Borders, an incredibly time-consuming process in which the detail and precision can only be achieved by hand. Watch how Intarsia knitwear is made.

Hand Intarsia Slow Fashion MAde in Britain

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