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Investing in a piece of premium knitwear? What you should expect…

It is not simply the finest fibres, high-quality manufacturing and attention to detail. It is the investment in a piece of premium knitwear that will provide you with long-lasting value.


Genevieve Sweeney believes in the authenticity and narrative behind a product, by illustrating where the knitwear was made, what materials where used and the environment it was created in; Genevieve gives confidence to the consumer whilst bringing together premium fashion with heritage skills.

What can you expect from Genevieve Sweeney; contemporary design with traditional techniques that result in a luxurious high-quality finish. The brand offers an exciting collaboration of silhouettes and key seasonal pieces that firmly establish the label as a key player in the premium knitwear market.


Product provenance is incredibly important to the British textile industry; by keeping production within the UK Genevieve Sweeney demonstrates the commitment to sustainability as well as embracing the ethical practices and responsibilities of a premium British brand.

Genevieve Sweeney expresses to inspire and reinvigorating the British Textile Industry, follow the journey at:

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