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Genevieve Sweeney Knitwear Repair british wool yarn
Genevieve Sweeney Knitwear Repair british cashmere yarn
Genevieve Sweeney Knitwear Repair service uk

Introducing a bespoke invisible mending service for your GS knitwear

The idea of slow, conscious fashion sits at the heart of the GS brand, interweaving through all aspects – from Genevieve’s timeless designs, to the sustainably- sourced materials and artisanal craftmanship carried out here in the UK.

We choose to make our knitwear using the best yarns we can. Because we know that when it comes to investing in lasting quality, natural fibres like wool and cashmere promise the best return.

However, we also understand that no matter how much you love and look after your pieces, life can sometimes get in the way. From catching your sleeve on a handle, to a furry friend taking a liking to your favourite piece, holes and tears do occasionally appear.

So, we’re offering a service that helps you to prolong the life of your GS knitwear.
Reviving and refreshing so that you can continue to enjoy the designs and celebrate the beauty of the yarn for years to come.

Genevieve Sweeney Knitwear Repair Sweater
Genevieve Sweeney Knitwear Repair british alpaca yarn
Genevieve Sweeney Knitwear Repair british lambswool yarn

How it Works

A completely bespoke offering, Genevieve will personally mend your knitwear by hand.
Not only will she use her expert knowledge of the designs, but her unique yarn collection ensures the best colour match possible.

Genevieve uses the Swiss darning technique, which involves intricately following the damaged yarn row by row. By stitching on top of the yarn, she can replicate the original form in a highly subtle – or invisible – way.

To carry out an invisible mend on a small hole or tear, prices start from £25.

For a full knitwear refresh (darning a small hole or tear, then debobbling and steaming
the item), prices start from £50.

For anything larger or more complicated, please contact us at and we’d be happy to discuss the options.*

And because investing in your wardrobe is an ongoing process, we’d love to help you learn how to care for your GS pieces, and so enjoy them for years to come. Our Knitwear Care Guide is a good place to start.

We also stock a range of knitwear care products, including lavender bags, wool combs and completely natural liquid detergents.

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*Apologies, but we cannot repair items from other makers or brands. We also cannot accept moth-eaten pieces due to the risk of contamination and damage to our yarn stocks.