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Why is made in the UK so important to me,
it is the craftsmanship, the communities and the people.

Before launching GS I spent two years travelling the UK meeting artisan knitters, small family-run factories and yarn mills.
I completely fell in love with their passion for craftsmanship, their dedication for quality, and the incredible knowledge which had been passed down through the generations.


Hearing their stories and rollercoaster journeys through the changing industry of the 70/80s when manufacturing was relocated overseas for cheaper labour and manufacturing costs, was heartbreaking to hear.
It had a devastating effect on the local communities and the local economy. Younger generations no longer saw this highly skilled work as a desirable career path and moved away, there is a real generation gap in skills such as conventional linking (constructing the garments stitch by stitch) and hand intarsia knitting.


The industry was disappearing in the UK at an incredible rate, along with the traditional skills and knowledge that makes this wonderful high-quality knitwear. Though it is not all doom and gloom, some factories have pivoted and adapted through the decades and taken on innovative machinery such as whole garment knitting which reduces some of the hands on processes.



At this point in time in 2013, I knew I wanted GS to cheerlead and champion UK manufacturing, from heritage craft to innovative technology and responsible yarns. To motivate a new generation to the opportunity of a career in UK manufacturing, to inspire and promote the incredible stories and skills through my brand.


I love that every piece of GS knitwear has a story. 

From the Yorkshire yarn spinners, the artisans of colour that create complex melanges and spin my unique lambswool marls.  The intensity skilled hand intarsia knitters in the Borders, a skill that takes years to learn as an apprentice, following a visual graph, changing the colours of the pattern stitch by stitch.
The sock manufacturer in Derbyshire who has patiently taught me every process of knitting a sock and embraces my love for colour, technical intarsia and sparkle. The knitters in Oxfordshire, London and Scotland who create both my menswear and womenswear styles as well as the button makers in the Cotswold.

Each person that is a part of every step of manufacturing leaves their own mark. Their passion and love for their skill shines through, together it entwines into a luxury piece of GS knitwear that will be worn and cherished for years to come.


Thank you for being apart of this journey, you can see my visits to artisans and manufacturers as well as the beauitful knitwear being made on my Instagram here.
When you buy a piece of GS you are supporting an artisan, a local community, a small business and an incredible industry.

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