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Meeting Sir Richard Branson

Meeting with with Sir Richard Branson and my Virgin Start Up Business Journey

A couple of months ago, I had the extraordinary privilege of meeting Sir Richard Branson alongside fellow founders through Virgin Start Up. What an incredible experience, set in the new Virgin Hotel in Edinburgh, on the drive home  I reflected on the invaluable support and opportunities provided by Virgin Start Up when I started my journey eight years ago to this day which I would love to share with you.

When launching my business and writing my business plan, I contacted Virgin Start Up for their business support. They not only offered a business start-up loan but also provided mentorship through the business plan process and for the following year with an industry expert in the field I needed help with. It was instrumental in bringing together my vision for Genevieve Sweeney and love that I am still in contact with some of the mentors now.

However, their support extended far beyond financial aid. Over the years, I actively participated as speaker on panels and attended various events organised by Virgin Start Up.

I was thrilled when they asked if I would showcase my knitwear at @virginhotelsedi curiosity bar celebrating Scottish-made products in their new Edinburgh Hotel. Here you can  find my luxurious Sasha Cashmere Socks, made from end-of-line Scottish spun cashmere production which creates a zero waste product from my cashmere production. The yarn used for these socks is spun merely an hour away from the Virgin Hotel in Edinburgh, sourced from a renowned heritage mill with centuries of expertise, truly showcasing the timeless beauty of Scottish cashmere. The cashmere fibre is certified with SFA (Sustainable Cashmere Standard) to ensure the animal welfare of the goats, the environmental impact of farming them and the social welfare of the herders who care for them.

Our meeting marked the official launch of Virgin Hotel Edinburgh, the most beautiful hotel set in the centre of Edinburgh. I seized the incredible opportunity to share the story behind my brand and engage with inspiring @virginstartup founders, all while gaining insights from Sir Richard Branson’s remarkable business experiences.


Here I am showing Sir Richard my Sasha cashmere socks and the Geometric Oversized Scarf that is made in the Scottish Borders.

Such a pinch me moment, one I will never forget. It felt like my journey had gone full circle with Virgin Start Up having the chance to meet the wonderful team behind the scenes and catch up with how the business has been growing over the last 8 years and having the opportunity to introduce my brand to Sir Richard Branson. 


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