As seen in this month’s Hello Magazine, featured in “STYLE high 5” the NEW Samar argyle pink socks.
“Welcoming Easter is with pretty pastels and romantic accessories.”


womens pink marl argyle socks


The luxurious Samar merino wool socks are made from leftover yarns from the end of a larger production run.
I select a few colours to spin together to create a unique colour blend of pink, bright blue and raspberry.
The spinning of yarns takes hours, sometimes even the whole day. This is something most factories would never have time to do and would rather throw away the leftover yarn rather than turn it into a beautiful product.

womens argyle pink marl cotton British socks


The yarn is knitted into small batches of socks when my British sock factory has some downtime.
The end result a luxurious pair of GS socks embracing slow fashion processes, reduces textile waste, a unique coloured sock, the ultimate quality and fit, a sock that washes and lasts!



Made in Derbyshire in a small family run mill.

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