GS Cedar Wood Wool Comb

GS Cedar Wood Wool Comb


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Quickly and easily refresh your GS sweaters and cardigans with our handy double-sided comb. Made from sustainably sourced red cedarwood, it not only removes pilling but also leaves behind a sweet, warming smell that helps to naturally deter wool-munching moths. This easy maintenance routine will have your knitwear looking like new in moments.


Gently using this comb on your GS knitwear will help reduce the appearance of pilling, lending your sweater or cardigan an as-new appearance with very little effort – in fact, we consider it a very relaxing and mindful task. Go gently and carefully so that the comb doesn’t catch or pull on the fibres, and we recommend combing your garments little and often, so around once a month.

– Due to the raw, unprocessed nature of the cedar wood, each comb will look slightly different. By not removing any knots, flecks or colour differences within the grain, we keep the process as sustainable as possible, while also retaining the wood’s natural beauty and character.

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