GS Knitwear Care Kit Travel Size

GS Knitwear Care Kit Travel Size


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An exclusive product developed by Genevieve for her fellow knitwear lovers, this luxury kit is designed to help care for your GS knitwear, prolonging the life of your pieces and keeping them looking their best. Perfect for gifting, it’s presented in a beautiful, limited-edition GS knitted accessory bag.


GS Wool and Cashmere Wash, 100ml Travel Size

In collaboration with Little Beau Sheep – a home-grown brand that celebrates British wool – Genevieve is proud to have developed her own hand-made, eco-friendly liquid detergent. Perfect for protecting and preserving your knitwear, it’s made using a gentle, pH-neutral formula enriched with lanolin – one of nature’s oldest and purest moisturisers. Suitable for machine or hand-washing, it not only cleans effectively but softens beautifully too.

GS Knitwear Comb

Let our double-sided comb help you keep your GS knitwear looking as good as new with absolute ease. Made from sustainably sourced red cedarwood, it not only refreshes garments by removing pilling but also leaves behind a sweet, warming smell that
naturally deters wool-munching moths.

– Knitwear wash ingredients: 5-15% ionic surfactants and amphoteric surfactants,
lanolin, fragrance, preservatives
– Knitwear wash is biodegradable, pH-neutral and has not been tested on animals
– Each 100ml bottle of knitwear was will last around 10 washes
– All products are made in the UK

For more detailed information about the products included, please see the individual
product pages:
Wool and Cashmere Wash
Cedar Wood Comb

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