GS Lavender Bags

GS Lavender Bags


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Genevieve Sweeney Lavender Bags

A bespoke blend of lavender and cedarwood created by Genevieve, ready to give your knitwear and sock draws a boost of beautiful natural fragrance whilst repelling any pesky moths!


A strong scent of lavender and cedarwood that moths don’t like whilst creating a natural fresh aroma that is so much kinder than chemical moth repellents. How does it work? Dried lavender contains camphor oil, camphor is a natural chemical that is well known for its moth deterring properties.
I have always used natural repellents around the house, not only do they keep my cupboard drawers and wardrobes smelling beautiful of relaxing scents but as a cat owner I have always been conscious of not having chemical repellents that may be an irritation to them.
As well as being a eco friendly repellent, the GS lavender bags are a natural product that is kind to our family, whether they are human or animal.


The lavender is hand picked and dried from a local farm in Essex, just down the road from the GS studio.
The cedar wood shavings are processed in the UK, repurposing a by-product from a woodwork factory.


Place the GS lavender bags in your cupboards and drawers alongside your GS knitwear and socks to keep them smelling fresh and the moths at bay!

For best results, squeeze or crush the lavender bags regularly to release more fragrance from the dried flower buds.

  • 100% Cotton bag (Eco-friendly Oeko-Tex Certified)
  • Made in the UK
  • Set of 2 lavender bags
  • One Size: 12cm x 10cm each

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