GS Wool & Cashmere Wash 500ml

GS Wool & Cashmere Wash 500ml


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As a champion of slow fashion, Genevieve is proud to collaborate with Little Beau Sheep– a home-grown brand that celebrates British wool with a collection of hand-made, eco-friendly laundry products.

Perfect for protecting and preserving your wool and cashmere products, this completely natural liquid detergent is made using a gentle, pH-neutral formula enriched with lanolin– one of the purest and most time-honoured natural moisturisers around. Suitable for machine or hand-washing, it not only cleans effectively but cares for your GS knitwear too. Let it refresh the texture of woollen fibres while also gently softening. The result: a lasting, luxurious hand-feel that smells gorgeous too.



Genevieve has worked hard to ensure that this knitwear wash is completely biodegradable. Not only is the detergent gentle enough to be washed away down the sink without damaging waterways, it also comes packaged in fully recyclable aluminium
bottles which operate on a closed-loop recycling system.

Hand-washing is also far better for the environment than dry cleaning – a process which can not only be damaging to clothes but the planet as well.


When hand-washing, simply add one capful to a medium-sized bowl of cool water and mix well before immersing your garment. After washing, rinse thoroughly.

If machine-washing your GS socks, add 10ml for a small load and 20ml for a larger load.

Intended for use on GS knitwear, but it also works well with other delicate garments like baby clothes, lingerie and silks.

– Ingredients: 5-15% ionic surfactants and amphoteric surfactants, lanolin,
fragrance, preservatives
– Biodegradable, pH-neutral and not tested on animals
– Each 500ml bottle will last around 50 washes
– Made in the UK

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