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Responsible Wool

From every yard of yarn spun, to every knitted stitch and each button turned, responsible design has always been at the heart of my collections.

Since launching GS, wool has been at the centre of my collections and there is a great reason for it,
not only is it a stunning fibre, it is NATURAL, RENEWABLE, RECYCLABLE & BIODEGRADABLE.

It’s natural characteristics aren’t the only thing to be shouting out about.
For the last few collections, I have been designing with lambswool that has RWS certifications (Responsible Wool Standards). The goals are to protect the sheep that supply the wool and the land on which they graze.



This means that the yarn mills I work with, follow a responsible standard when sourcing their raw materials that ensures the wool comes from farms that have a progressive approach to managing their land and practice holistic respect for animal welfare of the sheep.
Guaranteeing a healthy life with their essential freedoms, which include the freedom to express their normal behaviour, freedom from hunger, thirst, and the freedom from pain or discomfort, fear and distress.
Every year the farms are audited, the RWS standard means mulesing, by any method, is not permitted.



This is an independent, voluntary program that shows traceability and responsibility from farm, sheep, yarn mill to manufacturing whilst providing a universal reference tool for design and manufacturers I work with. Committing that we are all making products of the highest standards.

Over the seasons, RWS certified lambswool has become a key natural fibre in my
Collection for both menswear and womenswear.

Responsible design takes time and planning, with an aim to knit and design a collection using 100% responsible, regenerative or recycled yarns.






Behind the scenes I have working with local UK mills and spinners to develop yarns spun from British fleece. As well as developing my own recycled yarn from leftover production to further reduce waste whilst creating something unique and beautiful.

Hopefully these are yarns that will ready to showcased in my designs by Autumn next year.

Slow fashion has been the pillar of my brand, believing in creating forever knitwear with integrity, ethics and responsibility.

Discover the Responsible Lambswool Collection 

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