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Sketches from my Design Table

Behind the scenes and inspiration behind my statement sweater, the Leyden.

Sitting at the point where contemporary design and artisan craftsmanship meet. A fusion of colour exploration through the twisting of colourful marls, traditional intarsia knitting and geometric patterns inspired by 1930s woven textiles.

Mark making, sketching and geometric placements. Striking marl colour blocks knitted using an intarsia knitting technique, seamlessly knitting the pattern with hand-finished details.

Twisting unique colourful marls, inspired by abstract art and colour combinations I find on my daily walks. These combinations of hues are imprinted into my mind until I start twisting the colours together, evoking moods and emotions.

Made in the UK by artisans, limited edition.

Spun in Scotland, the lambswool marl has RWS (Responsible Wool Standards) certification, meaning that
both the sheep that produce it and the land on which they graze is actively protected.


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