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Time for Hibernation

November 9, 2022

Now the clocks have gone back and evenings darken, I embrace moments of calm and begin to hibernate.
Connecting with my simple yet favourite things that connect and ground me, it’s not only in the evenings but also during those dark, chilly mornings or whilst working from home. I would love to share with you some of my favourite small businesses that I use daily.

Starting the morning with my favourite coffee in my favourite mug gifted by a friend. As some of you may know, I am a huge fan of Perky Blenders Coffee and have been grinding their subscription beans for years now – both at home and the studio.



When it’s not raining, and I can take a walk with the baby, or when packing orders and designing, I love to listen to a mix of podcasts.

My current favourites are Diary of a CEO, Beautiful Misfits, Conversations of Inspirations  & Resilient Retail Game Plan.
All are very business-focused, but I love to hear founder stories, their highs and lows and the realness of running a small business.








Scent can change a mood instantly. I’m obsessed with Suru Living candles. I love the brand, and I love the founders; a husband and wife team who create heady, rich scents that last and fills a room.
I have two scents that I switch between in the day, Hilma, which focuses and inspires me during the day and Chandigarh-98, which grounds and reconnects me in the evening. In fact, I had both scents lit in different rooms of my house when giving birth to Hugo, as I find them so powerful.






Tactile textures in sumptuous wool reconnect me to the moment. My oversized geometric scarf is forever draped around my shoulders, it is the first thing I put on when I get up in the morning and snuggle up with it later in the evening. I love it with the softness of lambswool in sumptuous cables such as the Wroxton or staples such as the Elsi above with its subtle contrast trims.





Cats love a routine; I love that after lunch, they pester me to sit on the sofa for a few minutes for cuddles. I don’t have my phone with me, a moment to be quiet and meditative – after a cuddle, they are off for their cat nap, and I continue with the day’s work.



Slipping into a high-quality, well-made pair of socks is a fabulous way to start the day- pure comfort and warmth and not to mention a pop of colour, even a touch of sparkle to bring cheer on a drizzly, grey day.
And why not end the day and treat your feet after a long day with a pair of luxurious cashmere bed socks, knitted with repurpose cashmere and made for lounging only!

I hope this post shares some of my winter hibernation habits and small businesses I love.
All the best, Genevieve x

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Proudly British Made

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Delivery & Returns

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