Genevieve Sweeney creates no ordinary knitwear.

Genevieve Sweeney is a premium British knitwear designer, who has combined her passion for knitting with refined design, bringing a unique collaboration of sartorial silhouettes and luxurious yarns to the knitwear market. The brand fuses contemporary design with traditional techniques, which results in stylish, high-quality knitwear for men and women.

Genevieve Sweeney designing knitwear collection

Arising from the designer’s exploration and personal experiences, Genevieve creates a sense of intrigue and brings wonder to knitwear.

The collections are integral to Genevieve’s aesthetics and explore the juxtapositions between androgynous silhouettes and femininity, structure and fluidity, and heritage and innovation.

Genevieve graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a First Class Honours in Fashion Knitwear and Knitted Textiles. Her graduate men’s collection was sponsored by a yarn mill in Hong Kong, Novetex and Genevieve was invited to show at Spin Expo, the yarn trade show in Shanghai.

Genevieve Sweeney Made in Britain

Genevieve’s credentials include designing and developing knitwear for global brands such as Rag & Bone, Hugo Boss, Burberry and Lyle & Scott. Having worked in New York, Switzerland and London, Genevieve has gained valuable experience and has an in-depth understanding of the current knitwear market.

Aside from the luxury fibers sourced from Italy, Genevieve is determined to ensure that her brand is authentically British, showcasing the artisan skills and quality of the knitwear industry in the UK. By establishing herself as an advocate for small local mills and keeping her production within the British Isles, Genevieve is commitment to sustainability as well as embracing the ethical practices and responsibilities of a premium British brand.

Genevieve Sweeney producing Premium British Knitwear

Genevieve isn’t leaving all the knitting up to the manufacturers, she also finds time to source and fully restore rare, antique knitting machines back to working order. She has devotedly brought back to life that haven’t been used in over fifty years. These machines have provided the opportunity to explore stitch and yarn combinations, which have influenced the brand’s refined designs and allowed Genevieve to combine them with traditional hand crafted techniques.

Genevieve Sweeney presenting the collection to Aisha Wiggins

Genevieve Sweeney promises to continue to make a significant and exciting impact on the knitwear market and wants to share her passion with her customers, illustrating the limitless potential of knitwear.

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