Responsible Yarn Certifications


Slow fashion and responsible, considered design have always sat at the heart of the Genevieve Sweeney brand, with Genevieve’s passion and commitment coming across at every step of the design and production processes. From the origins of the raw fibres to the final finishing touches, Genevieve believes in creating forever knitwear with strong style and ethical integrity.

This guide is an opportunity to talk about the natural fibres and materials that feature in Genevieve’s collections; from sumptuous lambswool to sparkly viscose – and not forgetting the buttons that play a part in helping to protect the Amazon rainforest. Read on for more information on how GS fibres and materials are sourced, obtained and processed, as well as tested to ensure they meet the correct standards.


The lambswool yarn we use for our collections has a RWS (Responsible Wool Standards) certification

This means that both the sheep that produce it and the land on which they graze are actively protected. Our yarn mill only sources from farms that can demonstrate a progressive approach to managing their land and respectful animal welfare – so every sheep leads a healthy life with essential freedoms.

The extra-fine merino wool used in our marls is sourced from Scotland. The lambswool melange used in our winter accessories and oversized scarves is from Yorkshire.

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The cashmere yarn we blend to create our cashmere-blend sweaters and socks has a SFA (Sustainable Fibre Alliance) certification.

This manufacturing standard is dedicated to creating responsible cashmere production practices that safeguard people, animals and the environment. This is done by ensuring high animal welfare standards, minimising environmental impact and securing herders’ livelihoods.

Our cashmere is sourced from Scotland, and the lambswool-cashmere blend used for our Maud sweaters is sourced from Northern Italy. 

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The premium cotton used to knit our GS sock collection has been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

This manufacturing model not only ensures safe and fair working conditions for both cotton manufacturers and textile chain workers, but results in a premium quality product free from harmful substances such as pesticides, fertilisers or defoliants.

Our cotton is sourced from Northern Italy. 

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The sparkly yarn detail within our GS socks has either FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and Eco Vero certification or STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX® certification.

Being certified by the FSC means that any products containing wood and its origins (in this case the cellulose used to produce viscose) come only from forests managed in an environmentally responsible way. Likewise, EcoVero certifies the origin of the product is from green sources, and that an eco-friendly production process has taken place.

STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX® certification means that the textile fibres have been extensively tested and declared free of harmful substances. As a result, they are deemed completely safe for human health.

Our sparkly yarns are sourced from Northern Italy. 

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All the viscose knitted in the new Spring Summer collection is 100% pure regenerated viscose that is 100% recycled and is RCS 100 (Recycled Claim Standard) certified

RCS 100 verifies the presence and amount of recycled material in a final product, allowing for the evaluation and verification of recycled materials content claims on garments and other products. It is used to communicate honestly with customers, and is awarded through a third-party chain-of-custody verification process.

Our viscose is sourced from Northern Italy. 

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An often-overlooked detail, for us buttons are an integral part of GS cardigans. They are also another opportunity to demonstrate Genevieve’s commitment to slow, responsible fashion. Our buttons are made from sustainable materials by Courtney & Co. – the last button makers in the UK – and crafted in a way that minimises waste from start to finish.

Some of our buttons are made from Corozo – a natural, biodegradable product derived from the nuts of the Tagua Palm. This amazing tree grows in the rainforests of central and southern America and produces the nuts without any need for human harvesting. It’s actually such a valuable crop that the forests where it grows are being actively preserved.

The rest of our buttons are made from Codelite – another natural and biodegradable product created by curing and hardening the naturally occurring proteins found in milk. Codelite first became a staple of button manufacturing in the early twentieth century, and by reviving it Courtney & Co. have committed to reducing the amount of plastic within the industry.

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While we hope that this guide provides an informative and inspiring starting point, of course there are still areas that we need to work on. As a business, we are always learning, researching and questioning each step of the process – from raw materials, to waste reduction and logistical shifts that help to keep our carbon footprint low.

We will be introducing new GS garments made using responsible fibres, including recycled wool from discarded knitwear and an innovative regenerative merino yarn. For Genevieve, it is hugely important to remain honest and transparent about the brand’s ecological and ethical endeavours; and ensure that every step of your GS experience is kind and considerate to our planet.