Explore Genevieve Sweeney's bespoke monogram service.  
Hand embroidered to create unique personalised details that become apart of the wearer's story.

Crafted with attention and flair, our monogram service adds a signature touch to your GS knitwear.
With each stitch, Genevieve seamlessly integrates your monogram into the knitted fabric. Merging subtle luxury with your unique story, intricately adorned just for you.

Genevieve Sweeney Monogram Geometric Lambswoo Scarf

Step 1

Select your favourite GS knitwear for monogramming.

Genevieve Sweeney Leyden Hand Embroidered Monogram

Step 2

Choose up to three characters to be hand embroidered.

Genevieve Sweeney Monogram Elsi Lambswool Sweater

Step 3

Genevieve will hand-pick a contrasting yet complimentary yarn colour for the embroidery.

Whether you’re treating someone special or spoiling yourself, our personalised knitwear is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a stress-free, thoughtful gifting experience that celebrates quality, comfort, and individuality.


You can choose up to three characters to be hand embroidered onto your chosen GS knitwear