Genevieve Sweeney British Knitwear Designer woolScarves
Genevieve Sweeney Lambswool Geometric Sketch copy
British Knitwear Designer with Alpaca

Genevieve Sweeney is no ordinary knitwear label. Across all aspects of the brand lies the seamless blend of tradition and innovation; from the first steps of the design process to the carefully-selected fibres and UK-based production methods.

At the heart of the brand is Genevieve's desire to do things differently. The notion of slow fashion has never been more relevant, but it has always proved the driving force behind her business and design choices.

Genevieve is committed to preserving and revitalising her corner of the industry. Working with hand-selected mills and factories around the UK, she helps to drive British manufacturing forward by embracing innovation, but also celebrating tradition; keeping time- honoured craftmanship relevant and capturing the beautiful, refined touch of the artisan. Her unusual yarn blends - a GS signature - evoke a unique and contemporary mood, while limited batches demonstrate lasting quality and exceptional attention to detail, plus a personal touch that defines every piece.

Genevieve is also passionate about ensuring environmental responsibility across everything she does. From production to packaging, each process is guided by a need to limit waste. Her belief that we should be making considered choices when investing in fashion is also reflected in the GS aesthetic, which is luxurious, timeless and ungoverned by trends.

That said, knitwear needn't be simple or basic. Her confident and contemporary approach to colour, pattern and texture ensures a premium look and feel that elevates each piece beyond everyday wear - and lasts a lifetime.