As a premium British brand, Genevieve Sweeney is determined to ensure it’s authenticity by showcasing artisan skills and the rich heritage found within the British knitwear industry. As an advocate for British manufacturers, Genevieve Sweeney demonstrates its commitment to inspire and reinvigorating the British Textile Industry.

Genevieve Sweeney is a premium British knitwear label based in Clavering, Essex. I would love to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Genevieve, the founder and designer of the label. Genevieve Sweeney came together very organically over many years, with my passion for knitting processes and old machinery, my background of high-end fashion design and the love of yarns and unusual combinations of fibres.

Before the label was launched, I would spend my holidays touring the Scottish Borders buying old machinery for my studio (and trying to fit them all in a Ford Focus) and meeting knitters in family run factories and spinning mills or knitters in the cottage industry. I love hearing their stories of manufacturing Slow Fashion and knitting with such luxurious rare fibres, that it would be treated as if it was a gold bar.

I hope to share my story with you and give you an exclusive insight behind where and how the garments are made, my inspiration of textures and colours, as well as the characteristics and benefits of the luxurious fibres I knit with. I wish to showcase the high quality and artisan skills of the UK knitwear industry through these newsletters and keep you up to date with my journey along the way.

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Genevieve Sweeney: Pop-Up Launch, London

Genevieve Sweeney: Hand Intarsia

Genevieve Sweeney: Custom Spun Alpaca Yarn

Genevieve Sweeney: Alpaca Edit