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The Benefits of Merino Wool Socks

April 8, 2024

A few weeks ago I wore a pair of my merino wool walking socks for a hike up the Black Mountains. The snow was up past my knees but my socks kept me warm and dry the entire walk. Although I am well versed in the benefits of merino wool, I was still amazed that my feet stayed warm and dry despite the deep snow I was trudging through. We ended up in a country pub at the end of the hike, where I didn’t have the urge to immediately pull off my socks. My feet remained warm, dry and comfortable as I sat beside the fire sipping a glass of wine, still wearing my merino wool socks that will now forever accompany me on every hike.

What are the benefits of merino wool socks?

So, why is merino wool the perfect material for walking socks? Merino wool has many benefits, and is often used for walking gear thanks to its incredible natural qualities. Whether you’re a keen hiker or simply enjoy the occasional walk in the countryside or love to spend your day in the garden, here are five benefits of wearing merino wool walking socks.

  • Merino wool has natural temperature-regulating properties, making these socks ideal for keeping your feet warm during cold temperatures and cool when it’s hot. This is why my feet felt toasty and warm even when I was walking through snow.
  • Merino wool can absorb a significant amount of moisture (up to 30% of its own weight) without feeling wet. This helps to keep your feet dry while reducing the risk of blisters developing.
  • The fibres in merino wool are naturally breathable, which also contributes to managing moisture and ensuring that your feet remain dry and comfortable.
  • Merino wool has natural antimicrobial properties, therefore resisting odours better than synthetic materials. This allows you to wear merino wool socks for a couple of days without washing them – perfect for multi-day hikes or festivals. Our merino wool socks are machine washable, which makes them easy to clean when you return home and your muddy socks can effortlessly be thrown in the washing machine.
  • Naturally strong and elastic, merino wool socks retain their shape and last much longer than socks made from other materials. It is also a very fine fibre, making our merino wool socks feel soft and comfortable against your skin.

Just a note that we plate our merino wool socks with a small amount of elastic to ensure that they don’t fall. We make sure that the elastic isn’t too restricting and doesn’t feel too tight around the calf to create the perfect fit.

What makes our merino wool socks different?

What is it that makes our merino wool socks different to all the other socks out there? Mainly, it is that I am dedicated to creating the perfect pair of socks that will stand the test of time and be beloved by their wearers. Everyone has a ‘Goldilocks’ pair of socks that are just right – the most comfortable, cosy and practical socks that they own. I design my socks to be the Goldilocks socks in every customer’s sock drawers.

Here are four ways that we ensure our socks are the very best they can be:

  • We spend a lot of time tuning the machines with every change of yarn, colour and size. This takes a lot of time and patience, as it could take up to one hour to tune the machines for just one sock to ensure that the fit is perfect – not just how it sits on the foot, but also the stretch across the calf, foot and ankle.
  • To measure the socks ability to stretch and return to its original shape, we implement tests that check that our socks can accommodate different foot sizes and shapes. The socks are stretched by a set amount on a machine and the force required to do so is measured. After stretching, the socks are released and the time it takes to return to their original size is recorded.
  • Everyone who works on creating our socks has a keen eye for detail and utter precision. Nothing is rushed. We dedicate both time and attention to every single pair of socks, taking into account style, size and colour. The colour of the yarn can slightly change the tension due to how the dye affects the natural wool or how it is spun at that particular time – so each pair of socks is treated individually.
  • I am fortunate to be able to shadow my knitters when I am at the factory, which gives me a masterclass that I could never learn in a book. I learn about the characteristics of the machines and the yarn, and feel like I am constantly learning. I am forever amazed by the knowledge and expertise of the knitters. I visit my sock manufacturer once a month for a masterclass, learning everything from setting up the machines to running the start of production. This gives me huge confidence that we are making the highest quality socks that will stand the test of time.

Looking for the perfect pair of merino wool socks? Look no further.

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Proudly British Made

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