The Art of Slow Fashion | One sock at a time

The Art of Slow Fashion | One sock at a time

Inspiration comes from so many different forms when I am designing, how did I get into designing socks, well I fell in love with a yarn that was too fine to knit with for jumpers but I had the thought, this would make an amazing pair of socks.

Through the Worshipful Framework Knitters Livery, I met a past Master, George who owns a sock factory in Derbyshire and told him about this amazing yarn that I wished to try out and my interest in learning how socks are made. The factory is family run and established since 1927 so they really know a thing or two about sock manufacturing.

One evening I had a phone call from George, his yarn delivery was delayed so he had a free day to teach me and test out the yarn, so I filled my car with yarn and drove up the next day for a Sock knitting master class.

What a masterclass it was, I learnt how the machines knitted the socks with fashioning (knitting in the shape of heel and toes), how to program the pattern (and upload with a floppy disc), the technical processes of finishing and quality control of making sure the sock will fit, stretch and return to its original shape.

socks made in Britain Slow Fashion
Sock manufacturing, circular knitting machine,

There were many processes in the prototyping of the sock that I had not considered, this was truly slow fashion, taking the time to make sure the customer has the best fitting and the highest quality pair of socks.

By the end of the day, the Sotolino Wool Linen sock and Solline sparkly silk tweed sock was born and they have become a strong present in my collections.

Womens Socks Made in Britain spring socks
Solline sparkly sock with multicoloured silk tweed
Sotolino Cloud Genevieve Sweeney
Sotolino Cloud in Wool Linen blend, a melange of colour.
Pressing of the socks after their first scour to take the oils out of the socks
Pressing of the socks after their first scour to take the oils out of the socks

Some of the machines I design on are very rare, one including an intarsia machine which allowed you to create patterns without loops on the inside, the Serora spiral stripe is a great illustration of how you can create a seamless pattern and colour block with this machine.

Spiral Stripe Lurex made in Britain
Spiral Stripe Intarsia Sock with no loops on the inside

 I have gained a huge appreciation of what goes into knitting a sock as well as the high-quality finishing, such as seamless toes that do not irritate your feet when wearing shoes and cuffs that have good stretch and do not cut into your calves.

You may have noticed my great passion for socks over the last year as the collections are growing quickly for womenswear and menswear. From mouline colour blends to sparkly hearts there is an endless world of socks, whether you prefer cosy woollen blends or sparkly silk textures and striking patterns. Socks bring together all little details that you cherish and allow you to celebrate your style and personality through an accessory.

Once you wear a high-quality pair of socks and I promise, you will never go back.

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