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The Magic of Wool | A wardrobe investment

Sweater weather has arrived!  Autumn is my favourite time of year, ready to embrace crisp autumnal days with cosy knitwear and start to layer up in sumptuous wool.

This month we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Wool Week, supported by The Campaign for Wool to raise awareness to the unique, natural, renewable and biodegradable benefits offered by this magical natural fibre.

My love affair with wool started the first day I casted on merino wool onto my knitting machine, so durable, so soft and really shows off the intricate of textured stitches. As a designer it is a very versatile fibre, I love to explore depth of colour in complex melanges and marls twists in unexpected hues. Embracing different spinning techniques by woollen and worsting, allows you to knit a variety of products.
I believe a woollen sweater it is a wardrobe investment that you will wear and love for years to come.

Wool week is a celebration across the world with woolgrowers, manufactures and designers whilst educating customers to the versatility of wool.
I wish to celebrate my GS collaboration of wool, from manufacturers and artisans who knit my collection across the UK, from the Scottish Borders to Derbyshire to the South West of England. Using wool that is either reared from sheep in the UK or Australia, then spun in Yorkshire, Scotland or Italy, finally knitted into sweaters or accessories within the UK.

So here are a few reasons to why wool is such a magical fibre…It’s Renewable, biodegradable, recyclable, breathable, reacts to your body’s temperature by being a natural insulator (keeps you warm when your cold and cool when your hot), anti wrinkle, odour resistant, durable-stands the test of time, luxuriously soft against your skin and most of all it’s natural!

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