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Chatting Colour & Nature with Artist, Harlie Briggs

Harlie Briggs is an artist who draws inspiration from nature for her distinctive paintings. Her original paintings are sold on Glassette and Domenica Marland, and she also sells prints, homeware and clothing adorned with her designs on her own website. Mother Nature is a huge inspiration for my GS designs, I felt a real synergy with Harlie’s work and loved to learn more about her creative processes and inspiration.

I caught up with Harlie to talk about her work, her love of nature, and how she upcycles antique vases with her designs.

How do you create your paintings? What techniques do you use?

Painting is a source of creative expression for me. I draw inspiration mostly from being surrounded by nature. Once a city girl, the countryside is now my home and my biggest source of inspiration. I use a variety of acrylics and oil paints to create my pieces. I have recently loved beginning to incorporate oil pastels too; I love that they give a really different texture on top of the paint.

I love the beautiful colours you use in your paintings. Where do you get inspiration for these colours?

These are the colours that I see on my walks in and around the forest. My paintings largely focus on Epping Forest and all its treasures, but I hope to create some collections based on other areas in the UK, or even abroad, soon. My favourite colour combination has always been pink and green – together they really remind me of the English spring/summertime season.

How does nature inspire your work and the textures that you use?

Nature inspires all of my work! Its vast beauty, complexity and variety provides a rich tapestry of elements that stimulate both myself and hopefully the viewer too. Some corners of nature are vast and simple, and others are full of life and layers of foliage, which is reflected in each piece as each piece differs.

Does your love of colour translate into your home and garden?

There is definitely a lot of green in both my home and garden! It’s my favourite colour and it just makes me feel so peaceful and calm. In my home, I prefer a neutral background, bringing in colour via accessories and paintings etc.

What would be your dream commission with your art?

A dream commission of mine would be to paint a nature inspired mural. I love working on larger scales. I think I am going to attempt this in our new bedroom as my own little project! I would also love to create something for a museum or a gallery one day – one for the wish list.

We love how you upcycle vases and give them a new lease of life. Do you have any top tips for sourcing vases suitable for upcycling at antique fairs and markets?

My favourite vases that I find at antique fairs are usually the jugs from France. These are always good quality and have that gorgeous farmhouse feel to them. Keep an eye out and always check the bottom to see if there’s any clues as to where they were made.

Your tablescapes are beautiful, do you have any tips for styling a wild and whimsical table?

Thank you so much! I love more wild, unconventional flowers that have lots of shape and movement in them, such as Bells of Ireland. My favourite items to bring that whimsical feel are always second hand, so have a scroll on eBay or Vinted for some vintage candle holders and tablecloths and get creative!

Harlie is wearing our Alloa lambswool cardigan in lichen.

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