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Chatting Slow Fashion & British Brands with Mat Buckets

We caught up with menswear aficionado and content creator, Matthew Spade (known online as Mat Buckets) to chat about slow fashion, British brands and where he finds inspiration. Find out more about Mat on his blog and Instagram.

What does slow fashion mean to you?

Becoming more intentional and considered over time when it comes to what I bring into my wardrobe. We all make mistakes, but the beauty of time is it lets you figure out what suits your body type, your personality and the things that make you feel good. It could be colour or shape, or the materials used, and by seeing this over time it can help with any future purchases, and in turn slow things down.

I’ve also started making a note of items I’d like to try/add to my wardrobe, with the aim of being more intentional with my buying. No rush though. Got this tip from a mate, Jordan, who I know you know!

How important is it to you where and how a garment is made?

It’s something I’ve taken a keen interest in for years. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit quite a few factories over the years; after learning more about the time, effort and process that goes into making an item (be that knitwear, furniture, footwear or even stationery) it’s something you can’t unsee. The human connection between the item and the owner becomes a bond, and I think it would be sad if we lost all touch with that.


What are the top three things you look for when choosing a piece of knitwear?

Fit, colour and fabric – all of equal importance.

What are your wardrobe essentials for autumn/early winter?

Aside from knitwear, I’d say a pair of worn-in straight fit denim jeans, a down jacket (has to have a 2-way zip), baseball cap or beanie, and footwear with a decent grip. Sunglasses in the winter months are also essential.

How would you describe your personal style?

I take a lot of inspiration from traditional Ivy League style, but elsewhere, I also like old sportswear, items with functional details. Regular people on the street, especially in other countries, that’s a big inspiration hit. But a place I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from lately is Danish style; they have this knack of looking carefree and relaxed, but knowingly have a huge appreciation for design in every aspect of life. The colour palette and the way they put together outfits has rubbed off on me for sure – I’d love to spend more time there. Colour is really important to me too; I haven’t got the most outgoing of personalities so hopefully a little of what I do have comes through in the way I put things together.

Styling for film and television is fascinating to me too, I’m watching the styling just as much as the storylines.


What other British brands do you admire?

From the clothing and accessories side of things I get most excited about smaller brands and the people behind them. A few that comet mind:

Trakke, Campbell Cole, Paynter, Story MFG, Drakes, IAndMe,Ivy Ellis, Satta.



Mat is styling the Lunan brushed wool sweater, Liddel chunky lambswool marl sweater & Sotto Organic Cotton White Socks.
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