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Eco-Friendly Ways to Wash Cashmere | The Telegraph

Eco -Friendly ways to wash your GS knitwear and these tips are super easy!
Last week I was interviewed by Tamara Abraham from the Telegraph Magazine on the best Eco-friendly processes to wash your luxury GS knitwear.

Eco Friendly ways to wash Cashmere

Hand wash is so much better for the longevity of your knitwear compared to Dry Cleaning.
People assume that it takes ages to do, but it is super quick.. Full instructions on washing, drying and storing HERE 
Key points: 
– I use baby shampoo and conditioner to wash my jumpers mixed into cold water.
– Always turn your jumpers inside-out before washing.
– Never wring your jumpers dry, squeeze out the excess water.
– Lay the jumper flat onto a dry town then roll it up and press with your palms to squeeze out any other excess water before letting it air dry flat.
How to fend off Moths:
I like to hang dried lavender, rosemary and cinnamon sticks in my wardrobe – tie together with a ribbon.
In all my chest of drawers and cupboard, I have a couple of lavender and cedarwood bags which smell amazing and is 100% natural.
I collect the lavender from my local farm and hang dry them all over the house in the summer.
Moths hate the smell and so much nicer than those awful chemical moth repellents.
As I have cats I am always a conscious of having chemical repellents that may be an irritation to them. So natural products are great for our family as well as being eco-friendly and sustainable.
 I have made some lavender and cedarwood bags using local lavender and cedar wood chippings.
which are now available on my GS Shop:
Lavender Bags  £15 for two bags

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