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How to Style the Oversized Wool Scarves

Our oversized geometric lambswool blanket scarves are the most versatile items in the Genevieve Sweeney collection. The ultimate winter accessory, they can be styled in many different ways (both as a fashion accessory and around the home) to keep you warm and cosy during the colder months.

There are three different designs of our oversized scarf. The original geometric patterned scarf is available in five colour combinations, ranging from vibrant red & lilac to a moodier damson & stormy blue. A sparkly viscose version, perfect for evening occasions, comes in three warm colour palettes. And the newest design in a bold geometric pattern is available in three colours. The lambswool scarves have a jacquard pattern with a tonal reverse – so you can switch up which way round you style the scarves for a change of colour.

The lambswool blanket scarves envelope the wearer like a warm hug, with their sumptuous soft fabric and oversized silhouette. They are made in Scotland, crafted from pure merino lambswool that is both incredibly soft and durable. Merino wool has temperature-regulating properties which helps to keep you warm when it is cold, but can also cool you down in the heat – perfect for wearing all year round.

The beauty of these scarves is that there are so many ways to wear them, they will easily become a staple in your winter wardrobe. They take you from your morning coffee (draped over your shoulders for warmth as you light a candle and read a few pages of a book over breakfast) to your commute (layered over a coat or sweater). They keep you warm during work (again, draped over your shoulders when you’re sitting at your desk) and are perfect for snuggling up under on the sofa in the evening. Dress them up or dress them down. They even work for summer – use as a wrap to keep warm on the plane or to layer over a dress on a cooler evening.



At home, don’t hide your blanket scarves away in wardrobes or chests of drawers. They look beautiful draped over an armchair or hanging from a hook on the back of a door – adding a pop of colour and print to your room while being on hand to pick up whenever you’re feeling chilly. Use as a blanket in the evenings, pulling over you to snuggle up on the sofa when watching TV or reading a book.

Tie them around your neck as a scarf, wearing over a winter coat or sweater for added warmth. Style with a tighter or more relaxed loop around your neck for a variety of different ways to style, tossing one end over your shoulder for a more casual look or wearing them more symmetrically for a classic style.

Rather than looping as a scarf, you can also style them loose like a blanket draped over your shoulders. You can then cinch in at the waist with a belt or the tie of your coat, or just leave the scarf loose and use your hands to pull it tighter around your neck when the wind blows. For extra warmth, wrap the scarf over your head and gather around your shoulders.

We love our blanket scarves layered over winter coats, sweaters and cardigans, or even dresses on summer evenings – but Penny and Nikki from @styleinthestix recently showed us a more unique way of styling them. Looped tight at the neck, the scarves are perfect for adding warmth to a more formal look for the office or an event, adding a pop of personality to a well-tailored suit.

How would you style yours?

Discover the GS oversized blanket scarves HERE.

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