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The British T-shirt | Saving British Manufacturing

May 30, 2018

When you hear such sad news and you want to make a difference!

This year I have been incredibly excited to have worked closely with a British Tshirt Manufacturer based in Nottingham established over 70 years ago. Last week they have informed me that they will be closing their doors on 3rd July as there fabric dyers based nearby have increased their minimums by X5.

Not only those this effect the factory’s cash flow, it is also an incredible amount of fabric to stock inhouse, in which they would need a warehouse so large, the realisation and relocation wasn’t viable. Now employees are being made redundant and looking for other work. The factory knitted all their own cotton fabric in-house as well as constructing the t-shirts with a cut and sew method.

It is another daunting example if we do not continue to support British Manufacturing it will die out.

The Tshirt quality is unexpected, those who have received their Tshirts already have been amazed to the high quality of both the finish and the heavy cotton fabric. It washes so well and really keeps its shape, this is a Tshirt that will last. Unlike high street t-shirts that are often throw away after a season or even a few wears.

So I have managed to save a roll of white cotton, enough to make approx. 100 t-shirts across Adults and Kids.
If you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt, I would be incredibly grateful for your support in giving this amazing factory its final hoorah! 

                                                                                  As seen on Stylonylon and Gus this week!


All orders will be delivered the end of June, just in time for Sunny summer days! Please see some images below of the making of the Tshirts in the factory. First, the high-quality cotton is knitted in the factory in Nottingham, then cut by pattern cutters and sew by highly skilled seamstresses.

SHOP HERE for this last hoorah! 

I would also be very grateful if you know of anyone who would be interested in supporting product provenance to share this story. Thank you to everyone who has helped support the factory with their final order, from London to Dublin to The Netherlands, to the USA, everyone wearing a GS Zodiac Tee represents support of British manufacturing.

Proudly British Made

Proudly British Made

Local wool, local hand craftmanship

Delivery & Returns

Delivery & Returns

Treasured pieces delivered with care

Uncompromised Quality

Uncompromised Quality

Beautiful garments that will be treasured for years