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The Youngest Apprentice | British Made Socks

A couple of weeks ago I visited my sock factory in Derbyshire with my new Apprentice in the making!

The machines were knitting and away with twists of GS lilac and lime, fuchsia and burgundy filling the factory floor.
It always feels like coming home when visiting my sock manufacturer, working with the most talented artisans to create my unique and vibrant sock collection.

This month we have been busy knitting my best-selling Samar styles and GS Walking Socks.

It was a heartwarming experience to bring my son Hugo along and see his awe as the knitting machines and sock steamers worked their magic, with the custom twist of GS marls bursting through the factory floor.

Making of the Samar socks is a slow and careful process that results in a truly unique and colourful sock. With each GS marl taking a long time to twist, creating a unique product that showcases my love of colour and the beauty of merino wool.

The much loved GS merino wool walking sock has just launched in a vibrant lime & navy and pink & burgundy. Adding that unexpected pop of colour to a traditionally subtle sock.

Discover the new GS Merino Wool Collection here

All the best