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Traditional Methods, Modern Approach | Scottish Cashmere

Spun in the banks of Loch Leven, Scottish Cashmere that is created to last.
The GS Hand Intarsia collection is knitted with the finest Scottish spun cashmere, made with over 150 years of expertise celebrating traditional methods with a modern approach.

womens cashmere British knitwear made in Britain

What makes this Scottish cashmere so unique, the quality, provenance and colour!

The secret ingredient, the natural purity and softest of the Scottish water sourced from Loch Leven which opens up the cashmere fibre resulting in a consistent colour and luxury finish. Using only environmentally friendly dyes, all the water used is returned clean to make sure nature’s resident’s of the Loch Leven can thrive.




I wanted to work with and source my cashmere from this Scottish mill as they follow strong ethical sourcing of fibres.
Animal welfare, sustainability and traceability are the key pillars to sourcing both the cashmere and the processing of the fibres.
They work in partnership with approved de-hairers and encourage sustainable herding and grazing with high standards of animal welfare, whilst protecting traditional way of life with nomadic communities.


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Colour is of huge importance to my designs, evoking emotions, memory and excitement from tonal melanges and twisted colour contrasts.
Playing with unusual colour combinations in striking geometrics through my hand intarsia designs, allows the colours to change perception and emotion when placed along side one another.

Throughout my career in knitwear I have always been fascinated with how natural fibres are dyed in sustainable methods and intense colours created. It is a true art form with extreme precision and I have been lucky to see different methods in Scotland and Italy.


One of my dream goals for 2020 is to visit this fantastic mill based on the banks of Loch Leven and see how they product my custom coloured yarns for Autumn Winter 2020.




Cashmere is one of those practical yet luxurious and timeless pieces to cherish in your wardrobe. I wear mine throughout the seasons from the traditionally cold winter days to cooler summer evenings and even more perfect for travelling in.
If looked after well (follow my GS cashmere care instructions here) your GS cashmere knitwear will last and will be passed down for generations to come.

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