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The Modern Classic | The Rea slouch jumper

There’s more to the Rea that meets the eye…..



Bright lambswool colourful womens knitwear

Luxurious, effortless style and refined details





Colourful Lambswool fleece spinning



The Rea’s story begins at the renowned woollen spinning mill, Z.Hinchliffee based in the Denby Dales in Yorkshire. Established in 1766, this family-run business has passed down its experience and knowledge through the generations to create a superior natural wool yarn. The lambswool is sourced from the Geelong area of Australia,  from the first shear of a seven-month-old merino lamb recognised for its fineness, softness and high-quality fibre.






British spun lambswool

Carding Lambswool


Z.Hinchliffee separates and sorts the raw fibres into staple length and the finesse of microns before spinning using a carding technique that crisscrosses the fibres. This technique traps in the air to give warmth and creates a lighter weight yarn, that conversely is a great insulator allowing the wearer to feel cool in the summer. The woollen spinning technique creates a more voluminous yarn with a soft handle that delivers a premium finish. 








Benefits of lambswool are that it is warm, comfortable, lightweight, breathable and non-allergenic. A practical fibre as it is durable and hardwearing, as well as reusable and recyclable and most importantly a sustainable resource, as new fleece grows every year!





The beauty of the lambswool yarn apart from its softness is its unexpected depth of colour and hues, this is created by Hinchliffee’s state of the art technology and colour lab, a library of colour tones and accents that expert colour technologies will hand select and spin to create such unique colour blends. The Barracuda is a perfect example of this, look closely at the Barracuda Rea and you will see hues of teal to grey melange tones to hints of lime green.




The form of the Rea takes shape in a family run factory in the Midlands utilising traditional and modern machinery. The Rea is fully fashioned to create its elegant slouch silhouette, then washed to bring out the unique softness of the lambswool, finally, the Rea is hand linked to achieving the highest quality finish.



The Rea lambswool slouch jumper is a timeless favourite, celebrating the characteristics of lambswool that can be worn all year round.



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