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Thoughtful Gift Giving

On Christmas morning, imagine the joy of giving a truly personal gift that will bring an instant smile to your loved ones faces. From the moment they unwrap our made-in-Britain knitwear, they’ll feel the exquisite craftsmanship that has gone into each stitch, creating a unique garment that is both timeless and modern. Our knitwear is designed to be cherished and worn over and over again, becoming heirloom pieces in the wearers wardrobes. It is the gift that keeps on giving, that they will remember you gifting it to them every time they reach for it. A personalised sweater with hand-embroidered monograms or a subscription to our sock gift sets is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a stress-free but thoughtful gift for their friends or family.

Struggling for gift ideas this Christmas?

Here are my tips for thoughtful gift giving that will delight your loved ones.

Quality over quantity
Gifting can become a competition, especially at Christmas, but you don’t need to give a huge pile of presents or the most expensive, flashiest gifts. One thoughtfully considered gift is enough, whether that is a simple pair of beautifully made, high quality socks or a luxury lambswool sweater hand embroidered with their initials. If you want to create a stocking to accompany your main gift, think about small yet meaningful items that you could fill it with: their favourite chocolates, small packets of hot chocolate, coffee beans or herbal tea bags, a copy of a book you know they will love, or a foraged find that made you think of them, such as a seashell from a beach you visited together or a heart-shaped stone.

Buy from small, sustainable brands
Avoid the high street whenever possible and buy your gifts from small, sustainable brands, where each sale really makes a difference to the owner. Choose independent makers, even for smaller budgets, opting for items that you know have been made with love, care and attention to detail such as a pair of socks, a scented candle, a beautifully designed notebook, or a handmade ceramic vase. The receiver of your gift will see the thought that has gone into selecting a pair of cosy socks in their favourite colour or a candle in a fragrance that they love. Not to mention that these items will have been made to stand the test of time.



Gift with intention
Don’t buy someone a gift just for the sake of it. Think about what they would really love or something that they would find useful. A fabric shaver, wool comb or lavender bags for their knitwear drawers may not be the most exciting gifts, but if your recipient has a knitwear collection that they treasure, these are all useful gift ideas that they will love. If you have a bigger budget and wish to buy someone an item of clothing such as a sweater or oversized scarf, choose a high quality garment that will be loved for a lifetime and become a heirloom piece in their wardrobe.





Give an experience
If you are struggling for ideas of physical gifts to give, perhaps consider an experience that you can enjoy together instead? A voucher for a spa day or for a manicure, tickets to a gig or theatre performance, a weekend away together, a meal in their favourite restaurant, or even a handmade voucher promising them a day out together, just the two of you. It can be tricky to find the perfect present, especially if you only have a small budget or don’t know what they might like. The promise and anticipation of spending time together will always put a smile on your loved one’s face and they will remember the experience more than a gift.




Give a gift that keeps on giving
Another option is to give a gift that keeps on giving – such as our sock subscription service. You can sign up for as long as you like (minimum 3 months) for your recipient to have a little bit of luxury delivered to their door each month with a surprise pair of our best-selling socks, including exclusive designs. The first pair will be delivered to you pre-Christmas to wrap up, and each subsequent pair will be delivered directly to the recipient of your kind gift, building them up the ultimate cosy sock drawer. Other ideas could be the promise of a book arriving through their letterbox each month or a candle refill subscription service, such as from Pott candles.

Add a personal touch
For an extra special touch, our monogramming service allows you to personalise your chosen pieces of knitwear with your recipient’s initials, a special date (such as your anniversary, their birthday, etc.) or a symbol such as a heart. This may be only a small addition to your gift, but it is a thoughtful and meaningful touch that shows your loved ones that you were thinking of them specifically when you selected this garment.

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